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In the midst of heavy rain damage in the metropolitan area, the mayor of Mapo-gu, Seoul, Park Kang-soo, posted a picture of a so-called 'mukbang' on social media.

Mayor Park released a photo of a meal and a picture of a V-character with his finger, and wrote, "It's a rainy Monday evening, so I'm hungry, so I'm eating at the house with the staff", "It's delicious until it's delicious stew." At that time, a heavy rain warning was issued throughout Seoul, including Mapo-gu, and netizens criticized it.

It is pointed out that "the citizens are suffering from the flood right now, so should I read this article?"

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As the criticism poured in, Mayor Park wrote, "I ate 10,000 won kimchi stew and jeon, but I didn't drink alcohol," and "I'm sorry I ate the jeon."

This post has now been deleted.

In this regard, Mapo-gu Office apologized, saying, "Park mayor often uploads pictures of eating at a restaurant to help small business owners."

Netizens commented, "Everyone is in a riot because of the rain… I can't find any empathy or response ability.", "No one touches me when I eat, but it's a picture that will hurt the victims if they see it."

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(Screen source: Park Kang-soo, Mayor of Mapo-gu, Facebook)