In some places in Seoul, rainwater rushed to the inside of the house as the water quickly filled up in the strong rain.

Rescue work was not easy because of the rain, so a family member who lived in a semi-basement house in a multi-family house died.

Correspondent Kim Ji-wook reported.


Residents gather as they walk through the waterway up to the waist.

After a while, the police and firefighters also arrive.

Yesterday (8th) at around 9:10 pm, a semi-basement villa in a multi-family house in Sinsa-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul was locked, and a sister in her 40s and a daughter in her teens could not get out and died.

The room is full of water and objects are still floating, and you can see the iron bars being torn off for rescue operations.

Neighbors confirmed that they could not escape and tried to rescue them, but to no avail.

[Jeon Ye-seong/Neighbor: I couldn't use my hands because the water filled up so quickly.

Even though two people did it, it didn't work.] The

police and firefighters who arrived at the scene also had difficulties in removing rainwater as the torrential rain continued to pour.

In the end, it was only three hours after receiving the report that we were able to start the rescue operation.

A fire department official explained that as a sinkhole was created next to the house due to heavy rain, the water pipe below burst, and this water gushed into the sinkhole and rushed into the house in an instant.

[Firefighter official: The water is full, so I'm not going to just scoop it up.


It's pouring out here.

But this doesn't attract a lot of water.]

The old woman in her 70s, who lived with the family of three, was out at the time, so she avoided anger.

[Kim In-suk / Neighbors: (Coming on the phone) Her grandmother said, 'Oh, my house is cold.

Let's help our kids'...


Yesterday, a woman in her 50s was found dead in a semi-underground villa in Dongjak-gu, where it rained the most in Seoul.

[Lee Geum-seok / Neighbors: Her aunt is now pulling her dog out and her maiden is also out, and she went to pick up the cat…


An employee of Dongjak-gu Office in his 60s, who was cleaning up a fallen roadside tree in heavy rain, died in an accident presumed to be an electric shock.

In Seocho-gu, Seoul, a report was received that a brother and sister in their 40s who were walking on her road fell into the sewer, but she disappeared because they could not find her.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, VJ: Kim Jong-gap, Roh Jae-min)