The world's largest dolmen in Gimhae, Gyeongnam was damaged during restoration and maintenance work.

It happened while the city of Gimhae was carrying out construction without consulting with the Cultural Heritage Administration, and the Cultural Heritage Administration is in the position to take legal action against illegal matters.

This is KNN reporter Kim Gun-hyung.


A huge rock with a length of 10m and a height of 3.5m.

This dolmen is estimated to weigh 350 tons in Gusan-dong, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. 

It is the largest in the country as well as in the world.

Although it was discovered in 2006, the scale is so large that full-scale excavation began in 2020.

However, recently, the Cultural Heritage Administration decided that the site was damaged and completely stopped the maintenance project. 

You can see the stones with numbers written on the green tape.  

These stones were in this place because they wanted them, and after removing them, washing them, and even surface-strengthening them, they restored them in place.

The whole process is problematic.

Gusan-dong Dolmen is in the process of being designated as a National Historic Site.

Therefore, prior consultation with the Cultural Heritage Administration was necessary to dismantle and reinstall, but Gimhae City missed it.

[Lee Cheong-gyu/Chairman of Buried Cultural Heritage Subcommittee, Cultural Heritage Administration: It is important that it remains in its original state, but damaging it is a problem.]

The Constitutional Court is a Gyeongnam-do monument, so the city of Gimhae received only permission to change the status of the Gyeongnam-do Cultural Heritage Committee and proceeded with the project.

[Park Chi-woo/Director of Gayasa Restoration Division, Gimhae-si: It is true that the city did not discuss with the Cultural Heritage Administration about changing the status quo, so it is true that the city made a mistake.

] , and will take legal action against illegal matters.

The possibility of designation as a national historic site in the future has become unclear as the complete suspension of the designation process as a national historic site has become inevitable.

(Video coverage: Jung Chang-wook KNN)