Let's take a closer look at the heavy rain situation with reporter Jung Gu-hee from the weather team.

Reporter Jung, first of all, are you saying that it is raining heavily in the area south of the Han River in Seoul?



Rainy clouds continue to come in toward Seoul right now, but it rained especially to the south of the Han River, Gangnam and Dongjak, and Geumcheon-gu.

We're going to show you the CCTV now.

This is Daechi Station Street now, but vehicles are now submerged in water and cannot move.

Citizens in the middle are also isolated in the middle and cannot move to other places.

This phenomenon started getting worse after 7 o'clock and has continued to this day.

We are currently recording 99mm of precipitation per hour, and it is unlikely that this will end in the next two or three hours.

As rain clouds continue to pour in, the cars are blinking and waiting.

So I don't think this situation will be resolved easily. 


Does this look like a CCTV screen from another area?


Yes, there are flooding accidents not only in Seocho-dong but also in Gangnam.

In the case of Dongjak-gu, it rained a lot, about 136mm in one hour.

(This is the situation on Gangnam-daero, Seoul.) Yes, the situation on Gangnam-daero.

In this case, the situation is slightly better than before, but the road is still full of water, so the vehicle has hardly been able to move.

This is because cars cannot move because they are blocked not only in this area but also in other areas.

It looks like the congestion is going to get worse, and fortunately this side of the road isn't flooded yet, but the road is locked with much more water than usual. 

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other side of Gangnam, Seoul, said that the flooding situation is not serious?


Yes, there are a lot of car flooding accidents happening right now.

It's been a while, but it's the previous situation in Seocho-dong.

In fact, there is a CCTV in this area, but it is not working right now, and it is now past 8:30.

As you can see, the vehicle is locked and the person inside seems to have escaped without being able to move at all.

We showed the video about an hour ago, and flood accidents are continuing not only in this area of ​​Seoul but also in other areas.

Once the vehicle is submerged in water, the engine must be turned off to avoid damage to the vehicle.

There are many cases where the door does not open. In this case, break the window and escape as quickly as possible, or if it is impossible to break the window, wait until the vehicle is filled with water to a certain extent. You must come.

99mm of rain in an hour right now is a rain that is hard to experience even in Seoul.

In the case of Dongjak-gu, as I said before, 136mm fell in one hour, but it has been 115 years since Seoul started meteorological observations.

But in 115 years, it has never rained 130mm an hour.

We see it as the highest value ever.

Therefore, it is difficult for people to evacuate instantly. 


Right now, the Daechi Station Street screen is coming up, but it seems very dangerous for people to come and go. 


That's right.

It is believed that it would be difficult to move by public transportation right now, but what we confirmed is that in Yeongdeungpo, it is known that the passage is now stopped due to the down direction of Line 1.

There are many reports of flooding in other subways as well.

So, it would be difficult to go by subway, but Seoul city said that it would increase public transportation, but it seems most important to wait in a safe place until the situation develops a little more.

If the water rises above a person's knee, it doesn't matter for strong men, but for those who are physically weak, there are a lot of accidents that happen while crossing over there.

In particular, I want you to keep in mind that it may be difficult to evacuate on your own if the water fills up above your knees. 


It is known that rain damage was particularly severe in Incheon.


Yes, it is.

In fact, there was a lot of damage to the Incheon side this morning.

In Incheon, nearly 100mm of damage occurred in an hour, causing flooding of vehicles and houses.

You can think of it as a situation where rain clouds that are much stronger than those at that time have entered Seoul.

It's nighttime, so the damage is still being counted down, but just by checking the report screen, it seems that the flooding of houses and flooding of vehicles is at a much more serious level than the situation in Incheon.

(You are seeing a lot of damage to the Incheon area due to sudden heavy rain on the screen.) Yes.

If you look at the rain clouds coming in right now, it rains a bit in Seoul, especially to the south side of the Han River and to Yongsan-gu.

And in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do, it is raining a lot in the areas below Seoul, and the important thing is that these rain clouds continue to penetrate the Seoul area, and it is not expected that this phenomenon will be resolved within two or three hours.

So it looks like it will rain for a while.

I'm looking at it like this.