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investigation into the cause of the fire continued for the second day in the Icheon Hospital building in Gyeonggi-do, where five people died.

First, it was stated that there was no work that could cause sparks to occur near the ignition point.

The footsteps to commemorate the nurse who died while helping patients until the end continues.

Reporter Shin Yong-shik reports.


The police called three workers on the third floor of the building where the fire started and investigated the cause of the fire.

At that time, the screen golf course was being demolished on the third floor, and the workers stated that there was no work that could cause sparks, police said.

In the first joint investigation conducted yesterday (the 5th), no equipment that appeared to be a firearm was found.

The police plan to investigate the possibility of the fire due to electrical factors such as a short circuit through the second joint investigation on the 8th.

We plan to look into whether there was any negligence of the workers at the time of the demolition work.

Commemorative steps continued at the burial places of the five victims that were set up near the fire site.

The mourners expressed their special condolences to nurse Hyun Eun-kyung, who died while helping the patients to evacuate until the very end.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo and Chief of Staff Kim Dae-ki also visited the mortuary to pay their respects.

Hundreds of fellow nurses and citizens also wrote to the online memorial hall created by the Korean Nurses Association to express their regret.

[Chairman Jinhee Han/Hospital Dialysis Nurses Association: In honor of the spirit of sacrifice of the deceased, we will try to keep patients safe and express our gratitude and condolences.]

Other victims also received dialysis several times a week to recover. It is adding to the pity that these are elderly patients who have been working hard on this.

(Video coverage: Jeil, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin)