SBS coverage confirmed that a man in his 40s, who died after receiving a police investigation into the alleged misappropriation of corporate cards by Kim Hye-kyung, spouse of Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jae-myung, took on other roles in Gyeonggi-do other than driving a vehicle.

I worked as a 'regional development judge' and 'citizen auditor in the human resources field', and I am interested in what the background is.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Ji-wook.


A 'Gyeonggi Policy Competition' project in which Gyeonggi-do supports differential budgets by selecting from among the policies proposed by the municipalities under jurisdiction.

A special adjustment grant of KRW 60 billion comes and goes, and an external expert review team evaluates the feasibility of the project.

However, as a result of SBS coverage, it was confirmed that Mr. A, who was found dead after being investigated as a reference for 'Kim Hye-kyung's suspicion of misappropriation of beopcar', was one of the judges of this project.

Mr. A participated in the preliminary screening of the project selection for two years until last year and received an allowance.

Mr. A, who was a collector of the Armed Forces Security Command until about four years ago.

An official from Gyeonggi-do said, "We invited Mr. A as an expert in the field of 'regional development' in a large-scale business sector."

However, this was not the only task that Mr. A had in charge of Gyeonggi-do.

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It was also confirmed that he was appointed as a 'Citizen Auditor' who is in charge of auditing and investigating the projects promoted by Gyeonggi-do.

His term of office is not over yet, and even though he has already passed away, he is still a Gyeonggi-do citizen auditor.

[Gyeonggi Provincial Office officials: Mr. A is still a citizen auditor.

Because his tenure is his tenure.

It's a HR field.


Citizen auditors are selected through an open call procedure such as recommendation or support from a civic group, and are commissioned by the Gyeonggi Governor.

Earlier, Rep. Lee said that Mr. A was an unrelated person, but

[Lee Jae-myung / Democratic Party member (last month 30): A person with no relationship could not withstand the coercive investigation of the prosecution and the police, so 'the press and the prosecution are trying to kill me' There are people who died while doing this, and what does that have to do with Jae-myung Lee?]

When it was revealed that Mr. A was paid during the presidential election campaign, he explained that it was a 'simple labor', saying, "I drove a vehicle preceding the spouse's room."

Regarding the appointment of Mr. A to the position of reviewing Gyeonggi-do's 'regional development' project and monitoring 'personnel', Rep. Lee Jae-myung said, "These positions are selected by a system in which the majority participate." No,” he explained.

(Video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon, VJ: Roh Jae-min)