Electronic Arts, creator of the Sims 4

life simulator

, said it was working on fixing a bug that surprised, even shocked, regulars.

A malfunction of the game allows members of the same family to have romantic relationships with each other.

These incestuous relationships can be the subject of ongoing expression and make it possible to move forward, details BFM TV.

The problematic feature appeared with the update made available to gamers for free on Tuesday.

She was spotted by a member of a Reddit forum who explained that she saw a grandmother asking her son to be her boyfriend in the video game.

The programming defect comes from modifications made by Electronic Arts and the developers Maxis Studios to the system of desires and fears of the characters of

Sims 4


Family ties and ages unclear

The update of this device therefore did not go as planned, because it does not take into account the family ties existing between certain characters, explains PC Gamer.

Another bug has been pointed out by the players: it is such an accelerated aging of the avatars that the birthdays of the latter are not celebrated.

Players hope to see these bugs fixed a few days after the release of The High School Years expansion.


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