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Police have launched an investigation after it was discovered that a high school boy had illegally filmed the bodies of girls his age for two years.

The Ilsan Eastern Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced today (29th) that they had booked a sophomore A, who is currently attending a high school in Goyang City, without detention on charges of illegal filming under the Act on Special Cases for Punishment of Sexual Violence.

Group A is accused of illegally filming the body of an unspecified number of female students of the same age at schools, academies, and on the streets with his mobile phone for over two years from 2020.

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Only three victims were identified by the police after receiving a report from the school, and it was understood that there were about 100 illegally filmed photos.

However, before the police investigation, Army A threw away the cell phone used for illegal filming, and the police could not confiscate it.

Army A is known to have told the police, "I made a mistake due to momentary curiosity and mental problems," and "I am reflecting on my mistake."

The police plan to verify the facts of the victims and identify additional victims.

(Photo = Yonhap News)