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The court of first instance suspended the sentencing of a tutor in his 20s who assaulted a student with a blunt force for homework assignments by copying the answer sheet. 

According to the legal community today (13th), Detective 9 (Judge Chae Hee-in) of the Seoul Central District Court suspended the sentence of 8 months in prison for Mr. A (25), who was recently charged with special injury.

Deferment of sentencing is a judgment in which the sentence is postponed for a certain period of time in the case of minor crimes, which is virtually non-existent after two years from the date of probation.

A is accused of injuring a tutor (17) by hitting the back of the thigh 12 times.

In December of last year, when a student receiving math tutoring from him copied the answer sheet and did his homework, Mr. A assaulted the student with an 81cm steel hanger he had prepared in advance.

As a result, the victim suffered bruises for 2 weeks in front, including bruises and bruises on the thigh and back.

To Mr. A, who was handed over to the trial, the court pointed out, "Considering the degree of assault inflicted by the accused and the wounds suffered by the victim, the crime is heavy."

Still, it was judged that "the defendant assaulted the victim who came to receive tutoring as a math tutor because he did not do his homework properly and copied the answer sheet, and there are circumstances that can be taken into account." 

He also explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "The defendant paid 20 million won and the victim did not want to be punished."