With the construction of Dunchon Jugong Apartment in Seoul suspended for nearly three months due to conflict between the reconstruction association and the construction team, the two sides first reached an agreement on 8 of the 9 issues.

The Seoul Housing Policy Office held a press briefing on the morning of the 7th and announced that after presenting the first mediation plan at the end of May, the two sides met more than 10 times before reaching an agreement.

The eight clauses agreed upon by the two sides relate to re-verification of increased construction costs, design and contract changes, withdrawal of lawsuits, and resumption of construction.

However, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said that the two sides had not yet reached an agreement on the last one clause related to the dispute over the shopping mall.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said, "We are doing our best to come to a final agreement by coordinating the opinions of both sides." "In order to prevent damage to good members if the construction is suspended for a long time, after collecting the opinions of the union members, the Seoul National Housing and Urban Corporation is the project agent in accordance with the law. We will also find a way to resolve the conflict by designating

(Photo = Yonhap News)