The story of a restaurant owner who said that a part-time student at a restaurant secretly canceled an order on a delivery app and suffered millions of won has been revealed.

Recently, an article titled 'The greatest troublemaker part-timer' was posted on an online community.

Self-employed person A said, 'I accidentally found out that a part-timer was working without knowing after arbitrarily canceling an order that came to the delivery platform.'

He continued, "I quickly checked last month's orders, and there were a total of 88 canceled orders, worth more than 2.3 million won."

He asked for advice, saying, 'A part-time job admits it's wrong and quits, but it's hard to find someone right now, so what should I do?'

The part-timer is said to be in his 50s.

Netizens are showing reactions such as 'It looks like it should be reported for business interruption' and 'It's a big blow to the store's image'.