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A middle school teacher in Sejong City made remarks during class, calling North Korean President Kim Il-sung "General Kim Il-sung," and the Office of Education began an audit.

The Sejong City Office of Education said in March that fixed-term teacher A, during a class in the third year of middle school, said, "There was one more battle that the independence army won during the Japanese colonial period, besides the battles in Bongo-dong and Cheongsan-ri. It was announced on the 6th that he received a report that he made remarks such as 'Because he is General Kim Il-sung'.

In addition, Mr. A also made unconfirmed remarks such as "The United States did not recognize the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea because it wanted to colonize Korea" "Syngman Rhee, who was greedy for power, returned to Seoul because of the US saying that he could become president." said to have been done.

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A was not a teacher belonging to the Sejong City Office of Education, but it was identified that he was a fixed-term teacher who was dispatched from the school education support center for about a week on behalf of a teacher who was unable to teach due to circumstances.

The Sejong City Office of Education said, "Since he is a fixed-term teacher, the education office has no basis or authority to discipline and dispose of Mr. A." Instead, he said, "I notified Mr. I did.

The support center, which accepted the audit results at the end of May, decided to terminate the contract with Mr. A and is taking the relevant procedures, and it is known that Mr. A also acknowledged the report and the results of the audit.

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