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Apple's smart watch, the

Apple Watch

, is capable of measuring

blood oxygen

level , sleep quality, heart rate, or even detecting arrhythmias, but the

next version of the device

, to be released this fall, will include a new sensor, one capable of measuring body temperature.

According to the Bloomberg agency, the Series 8 watches -which is what this year's

series of devices

would be called- will include a sensor that will notify the user if they have a fever and will take periodic measurements of

body temperature

as it already does with the pulsations.



is still undergoing internal testing and could be scrapped if it doesn't offer the necessary reliability, but it's quite likely that it will end up in the most advanced models

of this year 's

Apple Watch .

In any case, it would not be a function capable of giving an exact temperature reading, but

a sensor

that would warn the user in a generic way when

detecting a high temperature

so that they go to the doctor or use a thermometer.

Aside from this new sensor, the changes to this year's

Apple Watch

will be minor, though it looks like Apple is preparing

an extreme sports

and adventure version of the watch that will be more shock resistant and have more battery life.

Sensors in the AirPods

Apple's ambition in the health market will not stop at the

Apple Watch


The same sources assure that the company is studying putting a heart sensor in


headphones , which would allow people without

Apple Watch

to also have some of the health and fitness functions that Apple offers.

But in order to have it, you have to wait.

Although Apple is preparing a new edition of the

AirPods Pro -its

most advanced headphones- for this year, they will not include this new feature.

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