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Summer is the preferred season of the year to recover series that, for one reason or another, were missed at the time.

The Sopranos


Game of Thrones


Breaking Bad

or even

Los Serrano

are usually on most of the


lists , but the platforms offer several gems that are not talked about as much and are very worthwhile .

Dollface (DISNEY +)

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, young Jules (

Kat Dennings

) tries to reconnect with the friends she lost during their relationship while dealing with her own (and uncontrollable) imagination.

The real and the surreal go hand in hand to analyze different aspects of friendship, empowerment without losing sight of the fun.

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Jack the Ripper (Film)

On February 14, 1990,

Jack the Ripper premiered on TVE-1,

a British-American blockbuster that gave several infants nightmares during the weeks that the broadcast lasted.

Michael Caine

plays Scotland Yard inspector

Frederick Abberline

, in which he made his return to television after two decades and which brought him a Golden Globe. Produced to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Whitechapel crimes, it is inspired by what is narrated in the essay

Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution

(1976) by

Stephen Knight

, from which

Alan Moore

would also draw inspiration for his masterpiece,

From Hell


Rome (HBO MAX)

Despite not having the recognition of other contemporary productions, the history of Rome from the end of the Republic to the creation of the Empire from the perspective of Titus Pullo (

Ray Stevenson

) and Lucius Vorenus (

Kevin Mckidd

), two legionnaires of Julius Caesar (

Ciarán Hinds

), is a major work, excellently performed, that spares no expense.

A raw trip to Roman society, with its lights and shadows.

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Mindhunter (Netflix)

Its abrupt cancellation at the end of its second season can discourage more than one, but it would be a huge mistake not to immerse yourself in this series produced by

David Fincher

, who also gets behind the scenes in several chapters.

Set in the late 1970s, it depicts the creation of the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Unit through the cases of two agents, Holden Ford (

Jonathan Groff

) and Bill Tench

(Holt McCallany

), who begin interviewing murderers in series to learn how to solve past cases and prevent future ones.

House (Amazon Prime Video)

It's been a decade since the last chapter of


was broadcast , and many may be far from the true phenomenon of the series starring

Hugh Laurie

, in which the police investigation and crime resolution so common in police series led to the far-fetched diagnoses of the patients passing through the Princeton Plainsboro Hospital in New Jersey.

The sarcastic Dr.

Gregory House

solves the cases as if it were

Sherlock Holmes

while he tries to redirect his life to the admiration and/or despair of his bosses, colleagues and students.

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After ending his relationship with Buffy, the vampire Angel (

David Boreanaz

) seeks redemption by saving lost souls in Los Angeles.


spin off

of Buffy the Vampire Slayer mixes supernatural action and black humor narrating his performance as a private detective in Los Angeles, where the tormented (ex) bloodsuckers and a wide range of associates work to help the defenseless.

Quite a guilty pleasure of

five seasons and 110 episodes


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Paquita Salas (Netflix)

The already established screenwriters and directors

Javier Ambrossi


Javier Calvo

touched the glory with the misadventures of the most famous representative of actors in Spain, played by

Brays Efe


Production began on the Flooxer platform and was consecrated on Netflix thanks to the expertise of creators who never lose focus: the main objective, apart from presenting impossible cameos, is to have fun, although as soon as it scratches Paquita's life and your inseparable assistant

Magüi (

Belén Cuesta

), an admirable complexity is discovered.

Superman by Fleischer Studios (Filmin)

In 1941, brothers

Max and Dave Fleischer,

pioneers in animation in the United States, set out to adapt the adventures of Superman, created just a few years earlier.

The series is made up of 17 10-minute episodes in Technicolor.

The first nine were produced by Fleischer Studios, which after its purchase by Paramount Pictures changed its name to Famous Studios, a company that would produce the remaining eight episodes.

The series possesses a technical virtuosity that continues to impress 80 years later and has inspired the likes of

Frank Miller, Hayao Miyazaki


Bruce Timm


The Greens in the Big City (Disney+)

Any household that watches the Disney Channel has surely grown attached to a certain yellow-skinned family that doesn't exactly live in Springfield.

Cricket Green is a barefoot town boy who sleeps in a hammock and must get used to life in the Big City, where he has moved with his unclassifiable sister Tilly, his good-natured father Bill and to live in the house of the wild Yaya after losing the farm they lived on.

Under the childish guise of him, the creation of

Chris and Shane Houghton

deals with themes such as envy, addictions or gentrification, with guests such as

Jon Hamm


Danny Trejo




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Few productions (and behind them, their followers) have achieved what this series created by

the Wachowski sisters


Josep Michael Straczynsk

i achieved: that the platform agreed to make a two-hour final episode with which to close all the open plots.

With it, the acclaimed story of eight strangers from different parts of the world (our

Miguel Ángel Silvestre

among them) was concluded in an extrasensory way, giving rise to interesting social and philosophical questions, as science fiction well done marks.

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