We told you that there was a big fire on a fishing boat anchored in a port to avoid a typhoon in Jeju, but the police caught a sailor in his 50s on suspicion of setting the ship on fire.

The sailor denies the accusation, saying he can't remember because he was drunk.

This is JIBS reporter Dong-eun Kim.


A vehicle enters a quiet harbor at dawn.

A man who got out of the car did something at the car's filling station and then climbed over the deck of a moored fishing boat one by one.

About 50 minutes later, the man returned from the ship and left the port in his car.

Moments later, smoke billows from the third berth, followed by three explosions, followed by flames.

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It is estimated that the fire started on the 3rd fishing boat among the 9 fishing boats anchored in a row at that time and transferred to the 4th and 5th fishing boats nearby.

The fishing boats loaded with oil for departure managed to extinguish the fire after more than 12 hours of extinguishing the fire, but they were completely turned to ashes.

At that time, the fire that started suddenly after the man got off the boat caused property damage of more than billions of won, including burning all three fishing boats.

The Coast Guard, which is investigating the cause of the fire, urgently arrested a 50-year-old sailor A who came to the scene through analysis of nearby CCTVs.

[Sung-man Oh / Chief Criminal Officer of Seogwipo Maritime Police Station: In a state where there is almost no cause for a fire, an explosion occurred after the suspect came and went, and the person was identified as the suspect…


However, it is said that Mr. A is drunk and denies all the crimes, saying he can't remember, and the exact motive for the crime has yet to be confirmed.

The Coast Guard applied for an arrest warrant for A on charges of arson of the current ship, confirmed the motive of the crime, confiscated the clothes he was wearing at the time, and requested an urgent evaluation.

(Video coverage: Kang Myung-cheol JIBS, screen provided: Seogwipo Maritime Police Station)