It was found that a woman in her 20s who went missing near Gayang Station on Subway Line 9 in Gangseo-gu, Seoul at the end of last month left a pessimistic message about her life before her disappearance.

The Gangseo Police Station in Seoul, where the missing report was received on the 27th of last month, on a tablet PC owned by Kim at the home of Kim Ga-eul (23), contains a two-page document containing the words "Will, I hope no one grieves over my death." It was announced on the 6th (today) that the document was found.

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On the 27th of last month, the day of his disappearance, the last place Mr. Kim was seen was on the Gayang Bridge.

Kim took a taxi and got off near Gayang Station around 10:22 pm, and then walked towards the southern end of Gayang Bridge.

According to a bus black box passing nearby, Kim was standing at the southern end of the Gayang Bridge at around 10:56 pm, and was standing in the same place until 11:01, when Mr. Kim reported to 119, saying, "My sister may have collapsed." It was understood.

Eight minutes later, at around 11:09 pm, the black box of another bus that passed the point did not contain Kim's appearance.

Kim has not been in contact with his family and acquaintances since 9:30 pm on the day of his disappearance, and Kim's family reported the disappearance to the police at 11:37 pm on the same night.

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From June 28, the day after the report, the police have been searching the area around the Han River once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

In addition, from the 1st of last month, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has also deployed drones.

However, it is reported that the search operation is having difficulties due to heavy rains in Seoul recently.

A police official said, "So far, no circumstances have been found to suspect a criminal connection." "We will search for all possibilities in mind."

Meanwhile, Kim's family has released a photo of Kim's face, CCTV containing the appearance at the time of his disappearance, and family contact information, and is awaiting reports.

At the time of his disappearance, Mr. Kim was wearing a beige top and black pants, and was wearing rain boots (boots worn to avoid getting wet).

Kim is 163 cm tall and skinny, with short hair and a tattoo on his left arm.

(Photo = provided by Kim Ga-eul's family)