There is a foster home system in which a child is taken care of for a certain period of time in another household if the child is not protected at home.

If a parent has passed away or abused a child at home, these foster homes provide protection.

There are now over 900 children living like this, and the government provides monthly subsidies to foster homes and donations are also received from the community.

However, a case of extorting money for children in Gangwon-do was revealed, and the local government commissioned an investigation.

This is reporter Baek Haeng-won from G1 Broadcasting.

<Reporter> This

is the account details of 22-year-old A, who has been raised in a foster home since she was 4 years old.

She has a record of withdrawing money from hundreds of thousands to millions of won each month.

The amount withdrawn over 11 years was 126 million won.

A's foster mother took away the subsidies and donations paid to A by local governments and various support groups.

Mr. A only recently found out that he had a bankbook in his name.

[Mr. A from a foster family: What we came to know was that the trust agency told us about it, and until then, we only believed what our mother said.

I even heard that she had no support when she became an adult.]

Two other foster children who grew up with Mr. A experienced the same thing.

The various subsidies for the three foster children stolen by the foster mothers alone amount to more than 400 million won, and the children have had a very difficult life to use this money for child support.

My foster mother told me not to touch the food in the refrigerator, so I used the money I received from the bus fare since middle and high school to buy food.

Because of this, I often had to walk an hour to school.

The children stated that they had to earn their own clothes and shoes to wear.

As a foster mother, she explains, she didn't give the children pocket money to help her develop self-reliance.

[Registered Mother: There is something like that in a Jewish proverb.

It's wise to teach her how to fish rather than catch and feed her.

I have lived by that word until now.] The

children want strong punishment, saying that what the foster mother has done to them until now was hypocrisy.

(Video coverage: Jo Eun-gi G1 Broadcasting, Park Jong-hyun G1 Broadcasting)