Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Park Soon-ae said that he would carry out 'education reform' from a future perspective so that we can provide education services that students and people want, away from the interests of education providers.

In addition, he took office without a personnel hearing at the National Assembly amid a series of allegations such as drunk driving, saying, "It was different from the public's expectations," he said.

We prepared the image of Minister Park Soon-ae, who continued to have a firm expression at the appointment ceremony, inauguration ceremony, and the press conference that followed.

We also heard from Minister Park about the unusual suspension of sentence for her drunk driving, what the minister thinks about the choice, the blueprint for education reform that the minister thinks, and what he wants to achieve within his term. 

(Report: Kim Kyung-hee, Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, Composition: Kim Do-kyun, Editing: Han Man-gil, Production: D Content Planning Department)