A 50-year-old man in his 50s who ripped off the ceiling at dawn and entered the adult entertainment room and stole money was caught by the police.

Gyeonggi Bucheon Sosa Police Station announced today (6th) that they had arrested and sent a 50-year-old man on charges of special theft.

A is suspected of breaking into an adult entertainment room in a commercial building in Bucheon around 4:10 am on March 20th and stealing 1.95 million won in cash from a banknote exchange.

Person A, who visited the arcade two or three times in advance to understand the structure in advance, was found to have ripped off the plasterboard from the ceiling in the common space next to the arcade, climbed up, and broke into the arcade.

Mr. A ripped off the lock on the banknote changer with the cutter he had prepared in advance, then stole the cash and ran away.

The next morning, after receiving a report from a person in charge of the arcade, the police rushed to the scene and confirmed that Mr. A had escaped the scene with a bicycle and a bus prepared in advance based on CCTV footage.

Afterwards, through CCTV analysis, it was confirmed that Mr. A was mainly using the subway line 1 Bucheon Station to go to and from the surrounding area, and he was working undercover at the station and immediately arrested Mr. A 34 hours after the incident occurred.

Person A is said to have stated in a police investigation that "I stole money to pay for living expenses."

(Screen credit: Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency)