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 A man who stole banknotes from a closed game room and fled in disguise, including changing shoes and using crutches, was eventually caught by the police.

Today (7th), Gyeonggi Nambu Police Department's official Facebook page read, 'No matter how disguised you are, you can know everything.

A video titled 'The End of the Thieves Aiming at the Perfect Crime' has been uploaded.

According to the video, Mr. A in his 50s, who damaged the lock on a banknote changer at a game room in a shopping mall in Bucheon on March 20, took the 1.95 million won in cash stored at the banknote changer and ran away.

The police, who received a report from the owner, immediately launched an investigation, secured CCTV around the game room where the damage occurred and started tracking the suspect.

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Based on the CCTV video of Mr. A, the police followed his movement and confirmed that he went out from the accommodation where he stayed after the crime.

In the process, the police caught Mr. A buying 'blue slippers' from a shoe store and changing the white sneakers he was wearing at the time of the crime.

After finding out that Mr. A was using the subway through interrogation, the police found Mr. A who was wandering by hiding a plainclothes detective in the subway station.

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At the time of the sighting, Mr. A was wearing crutches, but the police confirmed that he was wearing 'blue slippers' and arrested him, judging that he was the same person as Mr. A.

Person A, who was urgently arrested 34 hours after the crime, was arrested on charges of special theft.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that Mr. A visited the damaged premises two or three times before committing the crime, and in the middle of the night climbed the plasterboard ceiling installed in the hallway of the shopping mall and entered the game room.

Police said that of the stolen money, about 300,000 won was confiscated by A.

(Photo='Gyeonggi Nambu Police' Facebook)