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The story of a self-employed person who said that a part-timer in his 50s habitually canceled delivery orders and suffered millions of won has been revealed.

Mr. A, who runs a restaurant, recently asked the self-employed community for advice, saying, "I found out that a part-timer was arbitrarily canceling orders from a delivery app and pretending not to know."

Mr. A believed and hired a part-timer in his 50s, but he complained of a great sense of shock and betrayal to the fact that the reality of returning is 'habitual cancellation of orders'.

Person A said, "First of all, I urgently checked only the cases last June, so (cancellation orders) were 88 cases and the damage was over 2.3 million won. I don't think we can ignore the amount of damage during the period of service. We seek help from those who know the relevant laws."

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According to the comments left by Mr. A, it is known that the part-timer is over 50 and is the head of a family.

Mr. A was upset, saying, "(Part-time student) was a person who worked hard for the store. He has a lot of age and has some experience in the past, so I guess I was wrong. Business is very difficult."

Netizens who heard the story said, "From the customer's point of view, if the order is canceled, it is true that I do not want to use the restaurant again. I need to claim compensation for damage." ", "It's not a problem that a part-timer quits. Did the part-timer decide to ruin the shop?"

There was an outrageous reaction.

On the other hand, according to Article 314 of the Criminal Act (obstruction of business), a person who spreads false information or damages a person's credibility by other means, or interferes with a person's business by force, may be punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or by a fine not exceeding 15 million won. .

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