US media reports have emerged that workplace bullying is reviving in Korea as telecommuting is over due to the spread of COVID-19.


The third search term for clicking is 'Gapjil is also back'.

CNN reported that as office workers resume their work in South Korea, the culture of gabjil is also returning.

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He pointed out that Gapjil is Korea's enduring workplace culture.

The civic group Workplace Gapjil 119 and the Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund also introduced the results of a survey commissioned by a specialized opinion polling institution. According to the survey results, this figure increased by 6.1 percentage points to 29.6%.

He also introduced specific cases such as "I feel threatened by my boss's offensive remarks" and "I receive text messages including sexual harassment from my drunken boss."

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Earlier, the New York Times also shed light on Korea's culture of abuse and office workers responding to it last month.

Netizens responded, "I don't think there is anyone who hasn't been harmed at work. We should reflect on our country.", "The foreign media is telling the K-workplace culture. It's a shame."