Europe 1 with AFP 5:42 p.m., July 05, 2022

Left for Syria in 2012, the French jihadist Emilie König was repatriated on Tuesday.

She is accused of recruiting for the Islamic State and calling for attacks in the West.

Originally from Lorient in Morbihan, this 37-year-old woman should be indicted and then imprisoned.

She is a figure of French jihadism.

Emilie König, originally from Lorient in Brittany, was repatriated with 16 other mothers, imprisoned in jihadist camps in Syria, a country she joined in 2012. She is accused of having recruited for the Islamic State group (IS) and called to carry out attacks in the West.

She was the subject of an arrest warrant and should be indicted and then imprisoned after her appearance before magistrates, said the source familiar with the matter.

Regularly appearing in propaganda videos, she had been placed by the UN on its blacklist of the most dangerous fighters.

35 repatriated minors 

She is the mother of five children, including three born in Syria, who had been repatriated to France in early 2021. In an interview with AFP in April 2021, from the Roj camp, she said she wanted to "return to France".

Eight mothers were placed in police custody "in execution of a search warrant" and "eight (others) are the subject of an arrest warrant", explained the national anti-terrorist prosecution in a press release.

35 minors were also repatriated in response to a repeated request from NGOs and families who say they hope for an end to the "inhumane" policy of "case by case".

A 17-year-old minor was also taken into custody at the DGSI, according to a source familiar with the matter.

This is the first such massive repatriation to France of children and mothers since the fall in 2019 of the IS "caliphate".