In response to the decision of next year's minimum wage to be 9,620 won per hour, which is 5.0% higher than this year, convenience store owners are pushing for the introduction of a 'surcharge system' in which they raise their prices at night.

The National Association of Convenience Store Franchisees announced that at a meeting yesterday (the 5th), they decided to demand a late-night surcharge from the convenience store headquarters.

Jeonpyeonhyup is an organization made up of GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, and E-Mart 24 franchise owners (managers) councils.

Jeonpyeonhyup insists that it is difficult to bear the burden of labor costs due to the minimum wage increase and is in the position to receive goods late at night in consultation with the convenience store headquarters.

The late-night business hours stipulated in the Enforcement Decree of the Franchise Business Act are currently 0-6 am or 1-6 am.

Jeonpyeonhyeop plans to raise about 5% of the price of goods during this time period.

The union also argued that the current minimum wage setting structure was unacceptable.

The union said, "We cannot accept the minimum wage that is actually determined by public interest members who have no experience in paying wages."

He then urged the government to pay the card fee for the tax included in the price of cigarettes, and to stop charging transportation cards with low margins, selling pay-as-you-go bags, collecting utility bills, and delivering convenience stores to reduce the work of convenience store owners.

The discussion regarding the introduction of the late-night surcharge will be conducted by the association of franchisees (managers) of each convenience store with the head office.

In this regard, an official from the convenience store industry said, "It is a matter to be discussed when a request for consultation is formally received."

(Photo = Yonhap News)