A video has been released of a tank lorry vehicle that violated a signal on the road and nearly collided with a child crossing the crosswalk. 

Yesterday (4th), an online community posted an article along with a black box video filmed on the 20th of last month, saying, "Because of people like these tank lorry drivers, we are educating children to see if a car is coming even when the pedestrian signal is blue." 

In the released video, the tank lorry vehicle on the opposite side of the black box vehicle continued to run without stopping at the stop line even though the signal changed to red.   

A child crossing the crosswalk seeing the green light on at the pedestrian signal almost collided with a tank lorry, and turned back in shock. 

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The owner of the black box who reported the video said, "It was a long time ago that the vehicle signal changed to a red light, but what is it that is going so urgently? 

Then he said, "I couldn't see the license plate, so I couldn't report it." He asked, "Tank lorry driver, please don't drive like that from now on. Don't you know that accidents happen all at once?" 

Netizens who saw the video responded, "It must have been a real disaster," "I'm glad the child wasn't hurt," and "The driver's license should be revoked like that." 

(Photo and video = online community 'Bobae Dream')