The story of a Korean woman who was attacked by a wasabi attack while visiting a luxury sushi restaurant in Japan has been released.

A Korean woman living in Japan shared her experience of visiting a luxury sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan with an online community on the 3rd.

Mr. A said, "I've only been wasting money on the chef's discriminatory behavior," and said, "While eating sushi, I suddenly realized that I was a foreigner, so the taste of sushi suddenly changed. The taste of wasabi becomes stronger and it becomes salty, and the tongue loses sensation. lost,” he explained.

She continued, "there was a carcass of bugs next to the bowl, but the staff just looked at it, and then she covered it with a bowl and cleverly removed the bugs," she added.

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▲ A corpse of an insect next to Mr. A's bowl

Person A also claimed, "The chef placed the sushi on the other table neatly in the middle of the bowl, but he put the sushi on our table on the edge of the bowl and laughed at it."

He said, "I got angry and asked the chef, 'What are you doing?' The chef answered, 'Is there any problem?'

According to Mr. A, the chef's atrocities continued after that.

The chef showed Mr. A's attitude to eat quickly and leave, saying, "Why are you eating so slowly?", and he did not give the dessert he had provided to the other table to Mr. A's table.

Mr. A said, "It seemed like I had come to fight with the chef for a lot of money. I didn't do anything rude, I only ate quietly with my party, but I was discriminated against." "It's really the worst and I don't want to go back again." .

Netizens who heard the story commented, "The chef has no professionalism and the shop is run erratically", "The quality of a chef working in a high-end sushi restaurant is too low", "I've been there before, but the staff did not explain the menu properly and were unfriendly", etc. reacted.

This isn't the first time a Japanese restaurant's food terrorism has targeted foreigners.

Earlier, in 2016, a sushi restaurant in Osaka caused controversy by offering sushi topped with wasabi to Korean and Taiwanese tourists.

At that time, as the controversy grew, such as a boycott, the restaurant apologized on its website.

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