The Ministry of Health and Welfare is in a chaotic atmosphere as former Minister Jeong Ho-young and Kim Seung-hee resigned themselves.

Recently, the number of corona patients is increasing again little by little, and monkey pox also needs to be taken care of, but the head of the quarantine and welfare field has been vacant for over a month.

Next is reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.


The first candidate for Minister of Health and Welfare was Jeong Ho-young, former head of Kyungpook National University Hospital.

However, as for Candidate Jung, suspicions arose regarding the transfer of her two children to Kyungpook National University medical school and her son's military

service. Yes.]

In the end, I resigned voluntarily after 43 days.

In the case of former lawmaker Kim Seung-hee, there was a 39-day delay from the nomination of the candidate to today (4th) resignation

. This

time, when he was a member of the National Assembly, he was accused of violating the Political Funds Act, and he was even investigated by the prosecution.

A whopping 86 days have passed since the nominations and resignations were repeated twice.

Considering the resignation of former Minister Kwon Deok-cheol, who was appointed during the Moon Jae-in administration, it is the 41st day that the minister has been vacant.

In the meantime, as the sub-mutation of Omicron spread, the number of new corona patients again exceeded 10,000.

With the first confirmed case of monkey pox, the introduction of vaccines and treatments must also be expedited.

The sickness and sickness allowance system, which allows you to take a break when you are sick, has been tested starting today.

Some of the Ministry of Health and Welfare are at a standstill in key decision-making.

An official from the Ministry of Health and Welfare said, "Due to the vacancy of the minister, we have not been able to even start discussions regarding the fifth fiscal calculation of the National Pension at the beginning of next year."

The number of key personnel at the head of the office is also being delayed.

Even if a new ministerial candidate is nominated, it is inevitable for the Ministry of Health and Welfare to serve as a vice-minister for another month from the time of the National Assembly's personnel hearing to the inauguration.

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