Europe 1 with AFP 7:32 p.m., July 4, 2022

Life imprisonment, with 22 years of security, was requested on Monday against Jean-Marc Reiser.

This is the alleged murderer of 20-year-old student Sophie Le Tan.

If the accused admits having killed the young woman, he rejects any premeditation.

The verdict is expected on Tuesday.

This is the maximum sentence that was required on Monday against Jean-Marc Reiser, the alleged murderer of student Sophie Le Tan: life imprisonment, with 22 years of security.

The principal concerned had admitted having killed and then dismembered the body of the young woman while dismissing the thesis of premeditation. 

The Strasbourg student disappeared on September 7, 2018, the day of her 20th birthday, after going to visit Jean-Marc Reiser's apartment in Schiltigheim, north of Strasbourg.

His incomplete skeleton was found in a forest in October 2019, more than a year after his disappearance

"It is indeed in a trap that she fell" 

The evidence, in particular genetic and telephone, quickly converged on the one who, after two and a half years of denials, ended up recognizing in early 2021 having killed and dismembered Sophie Le Tan.

Confessions maintained at the start of his trial on Monday.

On the other hand, he still denies having premeditated his act and having set a trap for the student, in particular by having broadcast a false rental ad to which she had responded.

"The arrival of Sophie Le Tan in this apartment owes nothing to chance (...) It is indeed into a trap that she fell", insisted the Advocate General, evoking "a ray of sunshine broken clean " by a "black, dark, chilling shadow".

Already convicted of two rapes, Jean-Marc Reiser is on trial for murder.

The defense must plead at the end of the afternoon and the verdict is expected on Tuesday.