Ahead of the appointment of the next police chief, front-line police officers protested against the new proposal for a so-called 'police station' by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, protesting against a relay shave.

On the morning of the 4th, 4 people including Min Kwan-ki, the head of the Cheongju Heungdeok Police Station workplace council, held a shaved protest against the establishment of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in front of the Seodaemun-gu Police Agency in Seoul.

Chairman Min Kwan-ki read a letter of appeal to President Yoon Seok-yeol before shaving and said, "The police have a low ratio of senior positions and are very vulnerable to personnel management because their situation is different from prosecutors who can become lawyers after retirement." "The Minister of Public Administration and Security directly controls the police." Just by doing so, the government will naturally take notice of the government, and there is a very high risk that the government will influence individual investigations.”

Gyeonggi Goyang Police Station Jik Association President Yoo Hee-yeol, Gyeongnam Yangsan Police Station Jik Association President Joo Dong-hee, and Jeonbuk Gunsan Police Station Jikji Association President Han Wang-gwi also participated in the haircut ceremony.

In a statement, the direct association also demanded the substantialization of the National Police Commission, the dualization of the autonomous police system, and the establishment of the Serious Crime Investigation Agency.

Starting tomorrow (the 5th), in front of the Sejong City Office of Public Administration and Security, the heads of national police station direct associations and others will participate in a relay shaving ceremony with three people every day, and Chairman Min announced that he will start a hunger strike.

While the current police internal network continues to criticize the police control movement of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, we prepared a video of the scene today. 

( Reporting: Lee Seong-hoon, Composition: Kim Do-kyun, Editing: Jung Yong-hee, VJ: Kim Jong-gap, Producer: D Content Planning Department )