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The court has sentenced a passenger in his 20s to probation in prison for making a fuss on board, including refusing a flight attendant's request to show a PCR-negative certificate.

According to the legal community on the 4th, Incheon District Court Detective 17 (Judge Lee Ju-young) sentenced A (23), who was charged with violating the Aviation Security Act, to six months in prison and one year of probation and ordered probation.

A is accused of making a fuss in a passenger plane waiting at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on October 15 last year.

At that time, the spread of COVID-19 was so severe that I had to submit a 'PCR negative confirmation' to the flight attendant before boarding the plane, but Mr. A refused.

At this, the flight attendant asked, "Get off the plane," but Mr. A made a fuss, shouting, "What right do you have?" and trying to hide in the cabin.

Due to Mr. A's disturbance, the departure of the passenger flight to Tokyo, Japan was delayed by about an hour.

In the end, Mr. A, who had to stand in court due to this incident, claimed, "At the time, he was in a state of weakness," but the court judged, "I admit that I was suffering from a mental illness, but it was not to the point where my ability to discriminate things or make decisions was weak." I did.

The court continued, "Mr. A interfered with the flight captain's flight and the crew's work by force," but said, "Acknowledging the crime and reflecting on it, the fact that the usual illness had a certain influence on the crime,