A passenger in his 20s who made a fuss by refusing a flight attendant's request to show a negative confirmation on a passenger plane last year when the Corona 19 spread was sentenced to a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

Judge Lee Ju-young of Incheon District Court announced today (4th) that he sentenced A (23), who was charged with violating the Aviation Security Act, to six months in prison and one year of probation and ordered probation.

Person A was charged with making a fuss in a passenger plane waiting in front of the Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 at around 12:10 pm on October 15, last year.

At that time, due to the spread of Corona 19, he refused when the flight attendant asked the flight attendant to show the 'PCR negative confirmation' that must be submitted before boarding the airliner.

The flight attendant asked, "Get off the plane," but he made a fuss, shouting, "Why do I have to show you my documents. What rights do you have?" and trying to hide in the cabin.

The departure of the flight to Tokyo, Japan was delayed by about an hour because of his commotion.

Person A claimed in the court that "he was in a state of weakness at the time," but the court judged, "It is acknowledged that he was suffering from a mental illness, but it was not to a state where the ability to discriminate things or make decisions was weak."

Judge Lee explained, "The accused has obstructed the operation of the flight captain and crew by force." "The crime is not good."

However, he said, "I am reflecting on the crime while admitting it, and it seems that mental illness has had some effect on the crime," he said.