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number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases is 9,000, showing signs of slowing down.

From today (1st), the government will integrate and operate the corona treatment center as a respiratory patient treatment center.

This is reporter Han Seong-hee's report.


There were 9,528 new cases of COVID-19, a decrease of 67 from the previous day.

This is an increase of about 2,300 people from one or two weeks ago and 9,300 more than three weeks ago.

The decline has slowed since the second half of last week, with the number rising and falling slightly over the past four days.

[Han Deok-soo / Prime Minister: The number of COVID-19 patients, which has been on a decline for the past 14 weeks, is increasing again this week.

Recently, the detection rate of mutations that evade immunity is increasing, and the number of re-infections of those who have been infected is also increasing.]

Starting today, medical institutions centered on local hospitals and hospitals where patients with symptoms of Corona and confirmed patients are treated will be integrated into the Respiratory Patient Treatment Center.

In the past, medical institutions were divided into respiratory clinics, designated medical institutions for respiratory care, and outpatient treatment centers depending on whether they received tests, prescription drugs, or face-to-face treatment.

Among respiratory patient treatment centers, we designate and operate a 'one-stop medical institution' that can provide tests, treatment prescriptions, and treatment in one place.

[Hand Deok-soo/Prime Minister: 6,206 one-stop medical institutions have been secured, and will increase to 10,000 in the future.]

You can search for the current status of respiratory patient treatment centers through the Corona 19 website, the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service website, and major portal sites such as Naver and Daum.

However, real-time information such as reservation status will be provided during this month, and reservations can be made by phone in advance.