On the afternoon of the 1st, an SRT train from Busan to Suseo Station in Seoul derailed near Daejeon Yard Station, injuring 11 passengers.

SRT up-and-down lines are delayed, and there are some disruptions in the operation of trains following KTX.

This is TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin.

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train is stopped on the track and is unable to go or go.

The wheel of the train is missing from the track.

It is the scene of the accident.

The power car, the rearmost part of the train, is off the track.

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Today (1st) at around 3:23 pm, the SRT train from Busan to Suseo derailed near Daejeon Yachtjang Station.

[Rinah Kim / Accident train passenger: It shook a lot from side to side 2 or 3 times.

So everyone is screaming...


Passengers said the shaking started shortly after leaving Daejeon Station.

[Areum Choi, Jaeyoon Kim/Accident train passenger: People also fell and looked at the window and thought there was smoke and fire.]

There were 380 people on the accident train, 11 of them were injured, and 7 of them were taken to the hospital, but fortunately they were seriously injured. is known not to be.

Train passengers walked along the track and then took a bus to Daejeon Station.

Passengers who waited for over two hours in the sweltering heat of over 33 degrees also protested to the on-site officials for the continued waiting.

As a result of this accident, four trains following the SRT were suspended, and the KTX train, which uses the same track with the SRT, is also disrupting the operation.

The cause of the accident is not yet known, and although the train is running a detour to the regular train track, the follow-up train is delayed by about 30-40 minutes.

With the train accident, some of the tracks and tram lines were also damaged, and recovery from the accident is expected to begin as soon as 11pm when the train service ends.

(Video coverage: Choi Woon-gi TJB, Park Geum-sang TJB)