Everyone, it was a very difficult day because of the rain.

While a heavy rain warning has been issued for the metropolitan area, it is still raining heavily in the central region.

As the river overflowed, major roads in Seoul were controlled, and there were also accidents that resulted in flooding and collapsing in various places.

The rain is expected to stop until tomorrow (1st) afternoon.

So, first, let's connect a reporter who is out of Jamsu Bridge in Seoul to see how much rain it is raining outside.

Reporter Hyung-an Son, the water in the Han River is so high that you can barely see the road sign, right?


It has been raining all day around Jamsu Bridge in Seoul where I am standing.

In the afternoon, the wind is blowing strongly, and the rain is blowing in all directions.

The yellowish water of the Han River completely engulfed Dunchi Park and the promenade.

The water level at the Jamsu Bridge here also continued to rise, recording 7.19m as of a while ago.

At this time, strong rain of 30 mm per hour is pouring in the metropolitan area including Seoul, accompanied by lightning and gusts of wind.

Heavy rain warnings are in effect for Seoul, parts of the metropolitan area, and Incheon.

Cumulative precipitation alone was 207 mm in Seoul, 319 mm in Suwon, Gyeonggi, and 293 mm in Paju.


It must have been quite difficult on the way home from work today as the Jamsu Bridge still couldn't drive.


The city's main roads remain partially under control to this day.

As the water level of the Jungnangcheon stream rose, vehicles were banned from entering the controlled East Arterial Road, the Yeoui Upstream Interchange toward Gimpo on Olympic Road, and some sections of the inner ring road.

From 8 pm, Seocho Banpo Interchange and Sinjamwon Interchange will also be closed due to the rise of the Han River.

Traffic control will continue tomorrow, and road conditions are not likely to be good.

To avoid confusion on the way to work, it is better to leave a little earlier than usual and use public transportation.

(Video editing: Kim Jun-hee, on-site moderator: Compilation Hyung-hyung)