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TWO YEARS AND ONE DAY (AtresPlayer Premium, July 3)

Arturo Valls

has a new series.

In this case, a comedy in which he shares a cast with

Carlos Librado, Amaia Salamanca, Javier Botet and Adriana Torrebejano


All of them are part of a story that starts when

a presenter (Valls) is found guilty after 'crossing the line' in

a small town proclamation.

An offense that will land you in jail for two years and one day.

BY HEAVEN'S MANDATE (Disney+, July 27)

Andrew Garfield

brings to life a police officer with deep religious convictions

in this

gritty thriller .

As a result of a double murder, he will realize that this is not a normal case and that everything points to something much darker.

To highlight the great role of

Sam Worthington, the star of



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THE FINAL LIST (Amazon Prime Video, July 1)

Chris Pratt

, one of the stars of

Jurassic World

, stars in this

action-packed series


James Reece is a Navy SEAL who saw how his companions died after an ambush.

A doubt that this tough guy will try to clarify

despite the attempts of some to prevent the truth from coming to the surface.

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THE LONGEST NIGHT (Netflix, July 8)

Break a dangerous serial killer out

of a prison or all die trying.

That is, broadly speaking, what this Spanish production shows with

Luis Callejo, Bárbara Goenaga and Alberto Amman

throughout six chapters full of mystery, very violent scenes and unexpected twists.

BETTER CALL SAUL (Movistar Plus+, July 12)

The circle is closed.

The series that was born after

Breaking Bad

comes to an end with a few chapters in which we will see

Saul Goodman play it over and over again to stay alive.

Avoiding, of course, villains who have made him suffer in recent times.


Taron Egerton, Greg Kinnear and the recently deceased Ray Liotta

are the great claims of a thriller that smells of success.

Jimmy (Egerton) is a prisoner who receives the offer of the century:

get all the information on a possible murderer

, including a confession, before he serves time and kills again.

A challenge in which Jimmy must

become friends with a very earthly 'devil'


STRANGER THINGS (Netflix, July 1)

It is not the end of the series but it is the end of its fourth season.

In these

two very long chapters

(the last lasts about two and a half hours) that are released we will know if the Hawkins boys manage

to defeat the beast called Vecna


A rival who could end the life of one of the main characters.

Who knows.

QUEER AS FOLK (Starzplay, July 31)

Quite a few years ago, a series revolutionized the way of showing

homosexuality by avoiding prejudice and being very realistic


Now comes a

new batch of episodes

with different characters and the participation of stars on the level of

Juliette Lewis and Kim Cattrall



A documentary series that will fascinate

Harry Potter

fans .

Throughout six chapters,

James and Oliver Phelps

(or, what is the same, the Weasley twins of the fantastic saga) travel around the world to

meet other acting stars and measure themselves against them in great physical challenges.

Among others,

Maisie Williams (

Game of Thrones

), Sophie Skelton (


), and Haley Joel Osment (

The Sixth Sense


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Neil Patrick Harris

stars as Micheal, a happily married New Yorker whose life is suddenly turned upside down.

And all, as a consequence of being abandoned by his husband.

From there, the protagonist of this

dramatic comedy will be single at 40 without knowing what to do.

Although options he will have.

And lots.

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