As it rained overnight, roads were controlled and flooding of houses followed.

We connect reporters who are out on Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.

Reporter Minjun Kim, how is the current rain situation?


I am now near Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.

It's a little sunny, but the rain is still blowing in the wind.

Part of the park, centered on the lowlands, can also be seen submerged.

The water level of the Jamsu Bridge here was 6.65m as of 11:20 a little while ago, and both pedestrian paths and roadways were controlled.

The heavy rain warning that took effect in the metropolitan area from 7 pm yesterday (29th) has been maintained until now, and most of Gangwon-do and some areas of North Chungcheong, except for Yeongdong, have entered the non-affected area.

Currently, if we look at the hourly precipitation in the metropolitan area, it is raining more than 40mm in Suwon, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, and Dobong in Seoul.

Traffic control areas are also following one after another.

As the water level of Jungnangcheon has risen, traffic on all sections of the Dongbu Arterial Road is still under control.

The lower road in Yangjaecheon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and the access ramp near Cheolsan Bridge on the Western Arterial Road are also controlled by road flooding.

To minimize inconvenience to citizens on their way to and from work due to this torrential rain, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is implementing emergency transportation measures.

We plan to extend public transportation dispatches for commuting to and from work by 30 minutes and extend the subway from Line 5 to Line 8 mainly.