• Faced with the risk of burglary which increases during the holidays, equipping yourself with a connected camera has become a legitimate concern.

  • For indoors or outdoors, fixed or motorized, with local or cloud recording, in Full HD, 2K or 4K… the models and the services that go with them differ.

  • Prices too: faced with

    low cost

    products that can reassure, some more expensive cameras offer much more.

A few weeks before the big summer migrations, wanting to keep an eye on your accommodation from a distance seems more legitimate than ever.

In 2021, 190,300 burglaries took place in France (compared to 189,800 in 2020), according to the Ministry of the Interior.

And 29% of burglaries take place during the holidays.

If it will not necessarily prevent a break-in, a connected camera may help limit the consequences by alerting you in real time of the presence of an intruder.

“20 Minutes” tested four, sold from 59 euros to 299 euros.


low cost

: Mi 360° 2K Pro from Xiaomi

With its Mi 360° 2K Pro, Xiaomi offers a simple and economical solution.

To be placed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall, this 2K camera (2304 x 1296 pixels) has a motorization which makes it possible to automatically follow an intruder in its interior at 360° horizontally and 108° vertically.

At each motion detection, a one-minute recording is made on its microSD card (up to 64 GB, not supplied), or even a sequence of 8 to 10 seconds in the cloud.

It has a microphone and a loudspeaker, in order to be able to interact with a visitor.

59 euros.

Our opinion:

Supplied with its USB cable (but without charging block), this camera does not have a battery.

Beware of power cuts on stormy nights this summer… Requiring the creation of an account (to receive alerts in the event of an intrusion), the Mi 360° remains a basic.

This motorized version improves on a previous Full HD model (found at 29 euros) for which the motorization could only be activated manually.

A cover now makes it possible to conceal the lens; the camera offers person detection thanks to artificial intelligence.

The smart one: Google's Nest Cam Indoor

The latest iteration of Google's indoor camera, the Nest Cam Indoor is a wired camera to place on a piece of furniture or to attach to the wall thanks to its adjustable support.

Simple to install using the Google Home application, the device films in Full HD and warns that it is at work when the small green light above its lens with 133° viewing angle is lit.


With a microphone and a loudspeaker, making it possible to define specific areas to be monitored, this camera is also capable of identifying the faces of family members and, thus, limiting alerts.

99 euro.

Our opinion:

The Nest Cam Indoor is an entry-level camera, but with developed software functions, with a very successful facial recognition system.

Another interest is a “Home/Away” function which, by controlling the GPS position of your smartphone, turns the camera on or off depending on whether or not you are at home.

If Google offers 30 minutes of free video recording in the


, two more generous formulas are offered by subscription: 30 days of history for 5 euros/month;

60 days and continuous history 24 hours a day for 10 days for 10 euros/month.

The standalone: ​​BC1C 2K from Ezviz

Dedicated to the outdoors (IP66 standard), the Ezviz BC1C 2K Wifi camera has several advantages.

Supplied with two mounting brackets (one to be screwed on, the other magnetic), it films in 2K day and night (infrared vision), and stores images and sounds in its 32 GB internal memory. possibilities of its application, that of determining detection zones.

This allows you to focus on a particular part of your exterior (such as an alley, a staircase) and also avoid unwanted alerts.

From its application, it is possible to trigger a projector or an alarm to scare away prowlers.

If necessary, microphone and speaker are part of its panoply.

149 euro.

Our opinion:

Filming with an angle of view up to 157° (wide angle), this camera dispenses with a microSD card, preferring an internal memory.

Beware, however: unless you subscribe to Eviz's CloudPlay service (4.99 euros/month), the videos will disappear with the camera if it is stolen.

Regret: its battery is not removable (it is announced with an autonomy of 270 days), it is necessary to unhook the camera from the wall on which it is fixed to recharge it.

Finally, we appreciate the possibility of color night vision.

The Nomad: Arlo Go 2

With its Go 2 camera, Arlo scores points: the device works not only on Wifi, but also on 3G/4G with a SIM card (not supplied).

This allows you to monitor a place far from your Internet box and your home network, or quite simply an uninhabited place.

Full HD, it is equipped with a projector that you can choose to activate to film the night in color.

Microphone and loudspeaker accompany it in order to be able to dialogue with a possible visitor, such as a delivery man.

Interesting finally: integrating a GPS chip, this camera can be located in case of theft.

299 euros.

Our opinion:

Reassuring with its 3G/4G chip which allows this camera to be placed anywhere (but also to remedy a possible power failure), the Arlo Go 2 also has the advantage of recording on a microSD card.

As a result, everyone is free to subscribe or not to a subscription to the Arlo Secure platform to store their images (2.99 euros/month).

Still, this subscription also gives the right to smart notifications, such as to report the passage of animals.

We would have liked this beautiful camera to film in 4K (like the Arlo Ultra) in order to provide us with even sharper images.

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