Yesterday (28th), the police took out the vehicle that was found off the coast of Wando, Jeollanam-do.

Three people were found dead in the car.

To determine the exact cause of death, the police decided to perform an autopsy on the body and conduct a detailed investigation into the vehicle.

First of all, this is KBC reporter Young-seul Koo.

<KBC Reporter Young-seul Koo>

A vehicle hanging from a crane slowly emerges out of the sea.

At around 12:20 pm today, the vehicle of the missing family was salvaged from the sea near Songgok Port, Wando.

The police, who moved the vehicle to land, found three bodies inside the vehicle around 1:20 pm, an hour after salvage.

At the time of discovery, an adult male was in the driver's seat, and an adult woman and one child were in the rear seat, and the vehicle's gearbox was said to have been parked.

The body was in a state of decomposition to a large extent, but it was confirmed that it matched the clothes the Cho family was wearing when they came out of the pension on the 30th.

[Moon Yong-eun / Gwangju Nambu Police Station Criminal Division: There seems to be no problem with identification.

As it stands .]

Once the missing family was eventually found dead, the focus of the investigation was focused on the cause of death.

The police are in a position to investigate with all possibilities open, including not only the extreme choices of Cho Yang's parents, but also the possibility of a traffic accident and criminal involvement.

The police plan to reveal the cause of death of the family through an autopsy, and ask the National Forensic Service for an analysis of the vehicle.

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Then, we will connect our reporter who is at the Southern Police Station in Gwangju to see how far the police investigation has progressed.

Reporter Sang-min Kim, I heard that the results of searching for fingerprints on the body came out a while ago.

<Reporter> The

police conducted an autopsy and fingerprint search on three bodies recovered from a hospital funeral home in Nam-gu, Gwangju from about 6 pm.

And as a result of the fingerprint search, the result that one woman's fingerprints match that of Yang's mother arrived earlier around 7pm.

The National Forensic Research Institute will conduct an autopsy on three people as early as tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death.

The police will also send the salvaged Audi vehicle to the National Forensic Service to evaluate whether there are any signs of a traffic accident or vehicle breakdown.

In addition, efforts are being made to restore a black box memory card obtained from the vehicle to reveal what happened to the Yang family before the vehicle crashed into the sea.

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I heard that there were articles that you searched on the Internet before your family went missing.


Yes, there is no will, and we will have to wait a bit more for the investigation going forward, but first of all, there are several circumstances that put weight on the possibility of an extreme choice due to the hardship of living.

Statements or evidence were secured that the parents of Jo and his parents quit their jobs at the same time due to investment in virtual currency, or that the two of them together had about 100 million won in debt. A record of searching for 'sleeping pills' was also confirmed.

Also, as we investigated, Yang's father searched for keywords such as 'death', 'drowning pain', and 'breakwater vehicle crash'.

In the course of the investigation, it was also confirmed that the interpersonal relationship between the two couples was partially cut off.

It is said that he did not frequent visits with relatives.

Analysts are cautiously coming out that the Cho and Yang family must have felt more isolated because they had nowhere to turn to for help.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Jun-hee Kim)