Sadly, three family members of an elementary school student who went missing in Wando, Jeollanam-do were found dead a week after a police search.

Police are working to determine the cause of their death.

By Nam Jung-min, staff reporter.


The vehicle of the missing family was salvaged from the waters off Songgok Port in Wando around 12:20 pm yesterday (29th).

An adult man was found in the driver's seat inside the vehicle, and an adult woman and a child were found in the back seat.

It is known that the recovered body was moved to Gwangju for an autopsy and no traces of murder were found.

However, to reveal the exact cause of death, the National Forensic Research Institute will conduct an autopsy today as soon as possible.

The police also decided to send the salvaged Audi vehicle to the National Forensic Service to evaluate whether there are any signs of a traffic accident or vehicle breakdown.

We are also restoring black box memory cards obtained from vehicles to reveal what happened before the vehicle crashed into the sea.

Circumstances are emerging one after another to support the possibility that Chaoyang's father or mother made an extreme choice together due to the hardships of living and that she also died.

Surrounding statements and evidence have been secured, such as that Cho Yang's parents left their jobs for virtual currency investment or had a lot of debt, and a record of searching for keywords suggesting extreme choices on portal sites was also confirmed.

Analysts are also cautiously suggesting that both couples must have felt more isolated because their interpersonal relationship was cut off to some extent, and there was no place to turn to for help.

As no suicide note has been found, the police are in the position to open up all possibilities, including not only Cho's parents' extreme choices, but also the possibility of a traffic accident and criminal involvement.