While getting into the car is becoming more and more convenient because the door lock opens as soon as you approach, starting the journey is becoming more and more complicated.

Start the engine, press the button to switch off the automatic start-stop system and use your finger on the on-board monitor to navigate through the Settings, General, Vehicle, Assistants menus to deactivate the lane keeper.

And finally switch the driving mode from Eco to Normal.

It's not the vehicle manufacturers that give you the many little nudges, it's the EU.

It stipulates which assistants must be installed in new cars and that they cannot be switched off permanently.

In the case of the track holder, every dimension is often exceeded.

Loud acoustic warnings, obtrusive visual cues and ruthless interventions in steering behavior make everyday life with him a torture. There are no assistants, but it's about re-education and curtailment of the freedom of the individual.

The responsible citizen no longer counts.

The EU prescribes, regulates and sets more and more limits.

The EU has decided that from July 6 onwards, eight more coaches will be installed in every new car.

Anyone who is familiar with the susceptibility of many sensors to errors and the incorrect speed limit information in navigation maps may have an idea of ​​what the new speed warning means in everyday life.

"Hey Siri, please switch everything off": This call for help is useless, too, because the EU has stipulated that you can only switch off the respective patronage one by one and not free yourself from everything in one fell swoop.