I told you that the owner of an entertainment establishment in Gangwon-do was violent and harsh on female employees.

There are victims who have suffered for more than a year, but it was revealed that the owner continued to threaten and imprison women by controlling the psychology of women in order to prevent reports.

This is G1 Broadcasting reporter Choi Kyung-sik.


The frequent beatings, harsh acts, and even severe contempt that occurred while in captivity.

Why couldn't this situation be avoided?

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Police believe severe gaslighting was the cause.

It is an analysis that the business owner skillfully controlled the psychology of the victims and clouded their judgment.

It seems that the act of accusing her of "telling a lie" and "stealing things", and also cutting off contact with the people around her, acted in a complex way.

[Victim woman A: (by the owners) After being released, I learned what 'gaslighting' is.

'You must not do this.

If you do this, you will harm your family.” In this way, I lose all connections with my mother and family, starting with my friends.]

CCTVs were installed inside the room, and even locks and alarms were installed outside the door to monitor.

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In particular, he says he feared threats and reprisals against his family the most.

[Victim woman A: I will spray (sexual exploitation video) all over your father's workplace.

I'm going to sprinkle it all over your brother's workplace.

Let's see if you can carry your face.

Threatening like this...


[Victim woman B: (due to threats) I had no choice but to endure being hit.

I can't do anything.] They

behaved like beasts and didn't pay properly.

[Victim woman A: (remuneration) I did not receive anything.

'Cause I took it all

Extorted, I'm all.

Once (sometimes) 30,000 won as pocket money (I got it)]

However, it is known that both of the female business owners completely denied all the crimes, saying they were victims again during the police investigation.

(Video coverage: Won Jong-chan G1 Broadcasting)