Heavy rain last night, including heavy rain warnings in the metropolitan area, including Seoul, has led to control of roads throughout the city center on the way to work.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, it is expected to rain 50 to 100 mm per hour, accompanied by thunder and lightning, centered on Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and Yeongseo, Gangwon, until the morning of the 30th, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration.

From 6:43 am on the Dongbu Arterial Road, the Seongsu JC section from the Surak Underpass in the Seongsu JC direction is under main line control due to the rising water level in the surrounding Jungnangcheon, and the Surak Underpass section from the Seongsu JC in the Uijeongbu direction is also under full control due to the rise in water level.

In the section between Surak Underpass and Seongdong on the Dongbu Arterial Road, the ramps are being controlled from 6:29 am due to the rise in the water level of the Jungnangcheon Stream.

From the southern end of the Olympic-daero Haengjudaegyo to the southern end of Banghwadaegyo Bridge, water has stagnated from 6:08 am, and the southern end of Seongsandaegyo Bridge to the southern end of Yanghwadaegyo Bridge is partially controlled from 6:04 am.

The section of the West Arterial Tollgate from Gwangmyeong Bridge on the Seobu Arterial Underpass was completely controlled by road flooding from 6:02 am.

From the southern end of Olympic-daero Cheongdam Bridge to the southern end of Jamsil Bridge, a part of the road was blocked due to water stagnant from 6:02 am.

The Yeongdong 3rd Bridge section from Maebong Tunnel to Eonju-ro is under full control due to road flooding from 5:57 a.m., and the Bukgajwa three-way intersection from Jeungsan Bridge to Susaek-ro is under control from 5:46 a.m.