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The story of a customer assaulting a 70-year-old employee at a self-service gas station is outraged.

A, the owner of the gas station, said that a couple came to refuel a few days ago, and a woman was lost because she could not find the card slot.

The man, who was angry because of the late response, said, "Why is the machine made like this?" and shouted to the employee, "Kneel down."

When a worker in his 70s finally fell to his knees after the constant threat, the man slapped him on the cheek and stepped on his kneeling thigh.

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As soon as Mr. A became aware of the situation, he reported it to the police.

Afterwards, he was contacted by the man who assaulted him through the police station, but Mr. A said he felt it was a 'formal apology'.

In particular, he burst into anger, saying, "The perpetrator said, 'We don't have money, so let's end it with a compensation of 500,000 won.'"

Netizens commented, "Kneeling, slap on the cheek, and step on foot for 500,000 won?!

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(Screen source: Baby Dream)