Controversy has arisen over the story of a man who tried to park his pregnant wife in a car at a hypermarket and was stopped while trying to park in a women-priority parking area.

Driver A in his 30s recently disclosed to an online community a story he experienced in a large mart parking lot.

I usually use the general parking area, but it was a weekend, so the parking space was full, and my pregnant wife and child were on it, so I tried to park in a women-only area.

But as a mother and daughter occupied an empty parking space and stood up, she said, 'She'll be parked by the gang,' and she said she didn't get out of the way for more than 10 minutes.

She is said to have claimed that she was 'a female-only parking lot and should not be used by male drivers'.

In the end, Mr. A said that he could not park in the area.

Unlike parking spaces for disabled people, women-only parking areas are not legally binding, so various controversies are arising.