It's not at the level I was worried about, but it rained heavily throughout the night in the metropolitan area.

The wind was also strong.

It is said that it will rain heavily in the central region on the night of the 29th as well. Let's find out more about how much more it will come in the future by connecting a reporter.

Reporter Ha-jeong Park, (Yes, it is on Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.) It seems the rain has stopped now?


Yes, when I went out around 4 am, it rained so much that I couldn't see properly, and it came and went again and again.

Heavy rain advisories have been issued throughout Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi since 1 am today, but they were all lifted at 4:50 am.

Then, around 6 am, a heavy rain advisory was issued for some areas in Chungnam and Jeollabuk-do, a little further south.

Strong wind advisories are still issued in most areas of the country except for Gyeongbuk.

Between yesterday evening and this morning, 62.5 mm of rain fell on Baengnyeong Island, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, and 42.5 mm, on Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, and there are places where it rains at around 10 mm per hour.


Reporter Park, fortunately it doesn't rain that much, so there won't be any inconvenience on the way to work, right?

<Reporter> The

risk of road flooding is not high.

Looking at the Jamsu Bridge where I am located, the current water level is 3.3m, and there is still room to reach the vehicle control level of 6.2m.

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Partial control was implemented due to water stagnating in some sections of Olympic Road overnight, but now all of them have been lifted.

As it continues to rain, it is recommended to leave a little early on the way to work and to use public transportation as much as possible.

A gust of wind is expected today with strong rain of 30 to 50 mm per hour centering on the metropolitan area and the inland mountainous areas of Gangwon.

It is expected to weaken during the day and become stronger at night, the Meteorological Agency predicted that there will be places with more than 250mm of accumulated precipitation starting tomorrow.