The police investigating the disappearance of Jo Yuna (10) and the family of the two families found parts of the same car model that the Jo family rode in the sea.

According to the Gwangju Police Agency on the 28th, a police divers who was conducting an underwater search in the sea off the breakwater near Songgok Port, Sinji-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do, found parts of the bumper of the vehicle today (28th) around 3:20 pm.

The found part is believed to be part of the grille, which is the radiator cover, and has the Audi brand logo engraved on the exterior.

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The vehicle the missing family member was riding in is a 2018 model, and the parts found today are also of the same model year, police believe.

However, no traces of the vehicle body were found in the vicinity.

It was investigated that the Cho and Yang family got into their car from the pension near Myeongsasimni, Sinji-myeon, where they were staying at around 11 pm on the 30th of last month and passed the Songgok Village bus stop at 11:06 pm.

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The police believe that the vehicle parts found are highly likely to be accessories for the Audi passenger car that Yang's family rode, and they plan to accurately check whether the vehicle parts are in question through experts, etc.

Police, along with the Coast Guard, dispatched about 50 people, including patrol boats and divers, to conduct an underwater search, keeping in mind the possibility that the vehicle the Cho Yang family was riding in crashed into the sea.

Police and Coast Guard are searching the area according to the statements of nearby fishermen that it is unlikely that a vehicle that has fallen into the sea will flow into the distant sea.

A police official said, "We plan to intensively search the sea area where parts were found to find vehicles and take measures such as salvage."

On the 17th of last month, Jo Yang's parents filed an application to leave for experiential learning in the suburbs of Jeju Island together with Joyang through the school website on the 17th of last month. I reported the disappearance to the police.