Last Friday, a man set fire to a fire in the emergency room of a university hospital in Busan.

At that time, we obtained a video of the inside of the emergency room, and it contains the image of the medical staff who calmly responded to an urgent situation.

This is the exclusive report by KNN reporter Lee Min-jae.


A man enters the emergency room and pours gasoline in a PET bottle on the floor.

Surprised by medical staff, but the man ignites the fire with a lighter and the flames quickly spread inside the emergency room.

Enlarging an image

A few hours ago, the man made a riot in the emergency room saying his wife was late for treatment, and when the police rushed him home, he came back and set a fire.

When the fire broke out, the medical staff at the scene immediately came out with a fire extinguisher and started extinguishing it.

At the same time, the medical staff in the emergency room evacuate the patients and take out the fire hose from the fire hydrant and move in unison.

After pouring oil, the fire was set on fire, but the fire was extinguished within a minute.

The flame was put out immediately by the medical staff working at the emergency room patient triage station, but the emergency room was shut down for about 10 hours due to smoke and odors from the ashes.

At the time of the arson, there were 47 people in the emergency room, including patients and medical staff.

[Lee Ki- byeong

/ First responders to arson: At the time, I was a little surprised, and it seems that our colleagues coped well in a situation where we had to turn off the lights and then treat the patients.]

They played the role of transporting people to another emergency room, and the paramedics did their part to put out the fire first because they found it.]

The calm response of the medical staff was thanks to repeated training.

Meanwhile, the arsonist, who also suffered burns to his arms and legs, continues to be treated at Pusan ​​National University Hospital, where he set the fire.

(Video coverage: Wonju Lee KNN)