The father and aunt were sentenced to prison terms for imprisoning their 7-year-old daughter in their home for about 1 year and 6 months.

Daegu District Court Detective 3 Sole Judge Jina Kim sentenced A, a man in his 50s, charged with confining her biological daughter at home and not sending her to school (violation of the Child Welfare Act), sentenced to 10 months in prison and attending a 40-hour child abuse treatment program It was announced on the 27th (today) that it was ordered.

She also sentenced A's two older sisters, each accused of aiding A's crime, to four months in prison and ordered them to attend a 40-hour child abuse treatment program.

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From November 2018 to April 2020, Mr. A was handed over to trial on charges of keeping his biological daughter at home and not having any contact with the outside world.

It is known that Mr. A did not follow the elementary school admission procedure without justifiable reasons, such as not sending her daughter to a preliminary call for elementary school students under the jurisdiction of her residence in 2020.

Since then, they have not responded to home visits by elementary school officials.

He was also found not to have included her daughter in an online class in the context of the COVID-19 situation.

It was investigated that Mr. A sealed the front door of his home with silicone, etc. and did not go out, thinking that someone was monitoring and harming them.

The sisters of Mr. A, the aunt of the victim, were accused of committing emotional abuse that harms the child's mental health and development, such as educating the victim about the contents of "There are bad people outside, so I can't go out" while living together. received. 

The court explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "Considering the negative impact on mental health and development due to the long period of crime and the young age of the victim, the guilt is heavy, and the fact that he is a first-time offender with no history of criminal punishment was comprehensively considered." .

(Photo = Yonhap News)