Amid the revelations that a female employee of POSCO Pohang Works had been sexually assaulted by male employees for several years, POSCO employees recently appeared to have visited the victim's house, raising a controversy over the 'second offense'.

On the 23rd, on the day that POSCO issued an apology in the name of CEO Kim Hak-dong (Vice Chairman) in relation to this sexual assault incident, it was confirmed that POSCO employees sent phone calls and text messages to apologize to Mr.

Before announcing the apology letter in the name of CEO Kim, POSCO employees tried to meet several times to apologize directly to Mr. A, and contacted him through text messages and phone calls saying, 'I'm at home' and 'Please give me a moment'. I tried.

However, when A and her did not meet, it was confirmed that she even contacted A's family.

Mr. A complained, "It seems that the company keeps approaching her to convince her. She feels too much pressure and it's hard."

In response, Chairman Kim Jeong-hee of the Pohang Women's Association said, "When a sexual assault case occurs, in principle, the problem is that POSCO tries to resolve it verbally rather than according to the manual." "Secondary offenders are subject to criminal punishment. I think they are the second perpetrators,” he said.

However, a POSCO spokesperson said, "The head of the department in charge thought that it would be reasonable to apologize directly before the announcement of the apology letter, so he sent a text message and went home because there was no reply.

Previously, Mr. A filed a complaint with the police on the 7th, saying that he had been sexually assaulted by four male employees in the same department since 2018 on charges of rape and sexual assault.

However, it is known that the four male employees who were identified as the perpetrators denied this or explained that it was a light joke.

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