The Armed Forces Prison, the only correctional institution in the military, has been refurbished for the first time in 37 years.

There are voices of dissatisfaction saying, 'Isn't the facility better than the military?'

Recently, an article titled 'The Controversy of the New Armed Forces Prison' was posted on an online community.

The author said, 'It's a prison, but it has a single room with a shower for one person' and 'Is this a prison or a hotel?'

A total of 19.8 billion won was invested in the construction of the Armed Forces Prison, which held a completion ceremony in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 23rd, and is equipped with a common rest room and shower facilities for one person.

The military authorities explained that 'the improved environment is expected to have a positive effect on the reformation of prisoners'.

Netizens also showed reactions such as 'The prison looks better than a quarter' and 'Improve the conditions of the soldiers in the Armed Forces should be given priority, but it is unfortunate that it seems to be the other way around'.

On the other hand, there was an opinion that 'Isn't it impossible to build a prison for the rest of my life?'